1. I cant find my brand of contacts in the website.
    Do send us a message under "contact us" section and let us know your brand of contacts. We do carry a wide range of brands and some of them are not listed on our website tentatively.

  2. Are there more selection of frames in store ?
    We have an eclectic selection of frames from all over the world, however only a select few are listed on our website. Do contact us if there is a specific model you prefer to order. Visit our store in FUNAN #02-22 to view our full collection!

  3. What brand of spectacle lenses do you carry ?
    We carry a wide range of lenses from Germany, France , America. Japan , Israel and Singapore. All of which that boasts optical clarity with unique features. Some of the brands we carry are ; ZEISS / CRIZAL / HOYA / SHAMIR

  4. Can I buy contact lenses online ?
    You can order your lenses online and certain brands are able to prepare home delivery for you. However, to be able to successfully order your lenses

    1. You must have a valid prescription from within 6 months.
    2. If you are a first time customer to our store, a contact lens health check must be conducted by our Optometrists before dispensing you any contact lenses. Contact lenses cannot be sold unless an eye check has been done within 6 months.

  5. Can I do a full eye health check in an Optical store ?
    Here at Premium Eyecare, we are able to do a comprehensive eye health check-up for you. An eye health check-up is advised once a year to detect eye conditions such as cataracts, Glaucoma, Age related Macular degeneration or any injuries or infection sustained by the eye. Our eye health checks include: 

    1. Consultation 
    2.  Prescription check
    3.  Eye pressure check
    4.  Corneal Mapping 
    5. Fundus photography (posterior eye examination )
    6. Direct ophthalmoscopy (posterior eye examination) 
    7. Speciality lens fitting (Prosthetic lenses, Orthokeratology lenses etc.)