At Premium Eyecare, every customer receives expert advice from our qualified optometrists - from vision testing to selecting the most suitable spectacle frame, lens and contact lens. Our staff will be pleased to provide you your ideal solution.




At Premium Eyecare, every customer will receive expert advice from our qualified eyecare specialists. From various eye tests to selecting the ideal pair of glasses or contact lens for you. We also use the best lenses chosen to suit your everyday needs to ensure that you receive superb vision from your spectacles or contact lenses.


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Brand Collection

Our emphasis is always on quality and fit. Latest designs and upcoming trends will be on display at our new retail outlet at Raffles Holland V. Unique designs are chosen from all over the world with an exclusive and wide selection from Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Austria and the USA catering to men, women and children of all ages.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Flirtation always begins with the eyes. Even if you are the most satisfied spectacle wearer, you will sometimes like to be without them. With contact lenses, you will not only look good, but feel free and confident - just let your eyes enchant others!

Contact lenses ensure a wide freedom of movement and an unobstructed view. You see everything in the correct proportion and size. Even from the corner of your eyes, you can observe what is happening in all positions of gaze. Contact lens wear is especially advantageous for sportsmen - one can move without hindrance and there will be excellent peripheral vision.

At Premium Eyecare, we teach you the correct handling and care of contact lenses whether it be soft contact lenses, disposable contact lenses or rigid gas permeable contact lenses. After an individual eye examination, measurement and fit, a free sample will be given to you to wear home without any obligation. After about a week, we will re-check the fit, movement and comfort of your lens.



Sunglasses are worn for different reasons. For some, they are worn for fashion, but for most people, they are worn to help reduce the discomfort caused by bright lights and UV rays from sunlight that they encounter in their everyday activities. Sunglasses are an important accessory in bright and sunny Singapore because of the presence of excessive UV light even when it is cloudy day. Prolonged exposure to the harmful rays is damaging to not only our skin, but to both the eyeballs and the delicate tissue around the eye. This can lead to light sensitivity, pain and even cancer. This is why it is so important that even from a young age, your eyes are well protected with sunglasses when you are outdoors.

Sunglasses have many features such as the quality of the materials that they are made of, the lenses, and their shape and colour. These features determine their suitability for your needs. Premium Eyecare has a wide range of the latest sunglasses and our staff will ensure you make the right decision for your needs.

Eye Examination

Eye Examination

An eye examination is not just for those who wear spectacles or contact lenses. A general eye examination can also help us to detect eye diseases promptly. Also other health problems like diabetes can show up in the eye before the body is affected.

If you are a contact lens wearer, a regular eye check is necessary to monitor the health of the eye and detect any changes you may be experiencing with your vision. Likewise, if you do not wear spectacles or contact lenses and are noticing changes, an eye examination will determine if there is any eye strain that you may be developing. Our optometrists can provide solutions to alleviate and prevent this eye strain.

We have an optometrist on site and appointments are encouraged to ensure you are seen promptly and at the time that best suits you.

Eye Examination Packages

The Importance of Eye Examinations Contact Lenses - A Brief Overview




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